Tanya Barham

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Regulatory, Policy & Code

Utility, Energy & Grid Services

Regulatory, Policy & Code

Contracted with CH2MHill (now Jacobs) to create an operating and maintenance system and process in order for frontline maintenance employees to comply with complex federal, state and local regulatory compliance behaviors for the PacifiCorp Lewis River Hydroelectric Projects (FERC Project Nos. P-2111, P-2213, P-2071 and P-935) system dam operations. 

Early adopter of the Oregon Department of Energy Business Energy Tax Credit to fund Solar PV on schools.  Combined with renewable energy credits (RECs) & foundation grants to help fund training & vocational programs around what now total 200+ demonstration solar PV systems with 1MW of power on schools since 2002.

Aligned Ecodistricts protocol with PECI’s smart community grid edge infrastructure consulting & project development practice.

GridWise Architecture Council Member, regularly publishing and speak on buildings as a transactive energy hub and driver of grid edge innovation. Publications include:

Evolution of smart buildings and grid edge technologies; Jan 20, 2019; 2019 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference N.A. (ISGT N.A.)

Grid Connected Buildings as a Transactive Hub; Jan 14, 2019; GridWise™ Architecture Council (GWAC) at the AHR Expo 2019

Techno Bros and Soccer Moms – The Role of Customer Side Engagement in Grid Innovation; Feb 20, 2018; 2018 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technology Conference (ISGT 2018) Feb. 19-22, 2018 in Washington, DC, USA

Smart Buildings, Loads and Customer Systems: Paving the Way for Customer-Side Engagement in Power Systems; Jul 19, 2017; 2017 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting 16–20 July 2017 Chicago, IL, USA