Tanya Barham

Scale. Focus. Flexibility.

Tanya Barham

Scale. Focus. Flexibility.

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Transforming spirit, innovation & vision into concrete action. Nearly 20 years experience as an innovator, entrepreneur & utility nerd. Execution of all aspects of technical service, product development, operations & commercialization from idea phase through funding, revenue & early, rapid growth. Integrating systems & people to set the stage for the high achievement culture necessary to iterate & scale.

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"I have been the Executive Director of PECI both in the 25 years that it grew to be a national innovator in the field of energy services with hundreds of employees and more than $50 million in revenue, and as a board member and executive director after PECI sold its assets from its mature business in order to begin anew developing a more relevant model for today’s challenges. Tanya stands out among the people I have hired as one of the most strategic, innovative and effective."

-Phil Welker, Executive Director, PECI


Principal @ Community Energy Labs

April 2019 - Present

As climate change precipitates a move toward 100% carbon free energy, we face a massive and largely invisible barrier to accomplishing such change. The wires, business practices and technology necessary to deliver energy (the Grid) is 120 years old and not widely capable of handling intermittent renewables and two way power flows from batteries, solar and small scale generation.

The grid needs to be more flexible. Experts believe replacing the electric grid could cost $5 trillion dollars. Our current utility model favors capital intensive solutions like batteries and microgrids because those can be added to the rate base. Those technologies will be a big part of the solution, but all the batteries in the world aren’t going to be the most cost effective and beneficial way to leverage the value of flexibility.

Communities hold the key to a scalable solution to energy flexibility. They are an ideal living laboratory for commercializable grid modernization technologies and have the appropriate access and motivation to keep revenue generated from the use of such technologies local. The Community Energy Lab model is an innovative platform for carbon free, affordable and reliable energy that bridges the needs of technology providers, utilities and communities.

Chief Operating Officer @ PECI

2016 - 2019

As a business consultant & then COO, helped pivot a 35 year old revenue based non-profit, post-asset acquisition to a modern, mission-driven energy services company. Conceived operating & market strategy based on advancing communities’ abilities to participate in the new energy economy. Tested customer validation for minimum viable product in four product & service lines: Policy, R&D, Market Adoption of Grid Edge Technology, Consulting. Assembled & managed teams including proposal teams that authored over $4.6 million in grid modernization R&D funding proposals with more than $0.5 million in matching contributions in under six months.

Conceived of & led development for PECI’s community smart grid infrastructure consulting & project development protocol & practice. Developed & led technical product development teams & the Local Energy Exchange Platform – a home energy automation platform that makes productive use of consumer automated devices to balance the grid.

Chief Executive Officer @ Recess

2006 - 2016

Successfully, started, grew & sold a technology assisted service company providing internal public health campaigns to medium & large businesses. Led a team & virtual workforce with over 60 contract & permanent staff in four West Coast states. Served a variety of medium to large public & private employers with operations in US, Europe & Asia. Maintained high level of quality & gross margin (60-70%) while operating leanly. All client programs scored in top 15% of industry quality benchmark (Health Enhancement Research Organization).

Innovation, Energy & Business Consulting

2000 - present

18 years of strategy, innovation, management consulting, financial forecasting, technology transfer, business start-up, angel investing & operations experience in: electric power (coal & gas central generating stations; solar PV; efficiency); oil, refineries & manufacturing (Shell, BASF); Smart Grid & Grid Edge (PECI); Transactive Energy Systems (GridWise Architecture Council); United States healthcare; information technology & revenue-based not for profit & sustainability efforts. Relevant examples follow; however, my portfolio pages contain more detail.


World Citizen

1997-2001 DENMARK & SWEDEN*

*I speak and write these languages

BA @ University of Minnesota


International relations with a focus on regulating & managing technical and scientific programs.

BA @ University of Minnesota


Scandinavian language and literature.


Plentiful electricity has been at the very core of every major societal transformation shaping humanity in the last century. Now the entire ecosystem of utilities & the provision of electricity is undergoing tectonic shifts.

I offer my clients deep insider knowledge of the utility & energy industry coupled with a solid business innovation & leadership track record.