Tanya Barham

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Power Transmission & Distribution

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Power Transmission & Distribution

Tanya’s management experience spans a wide variety of innovative and traditional energy technologies, business models, markets, and applications. Tanya works collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders in the industry from energy start-ups to utility and load serving entities. Her teams and solutions bridge the gap between power systems engineering disciplines and programs/power procurement. Tanya’s deep energy sector experience is the bedrock on which her general executive management skills – honed through 15 years of executive management.

Many of the programs and companies Tanya managed since 2000 incorporated significant technical components or early adoption of innovative consumer and enterprise technology. 

Work with generating assets for utilities (Salt River Project, Tucson Electric Power & Colorado Springs Utilities) focused on integrating with computerized maintenance management systems such as: SAP, Indus & Maximo and pioneering AI neural networks to improve plant uptime, and reduce heat loss and emissions.

At PECI 1.0 she scaled the use of a commercial HVAC diagnostic tool and platform (AirCare Plus®). 

Tanya led, facilitated and designed the TIER (Tenino Innovation and Education Through Renewables) Living Laboratory effort for PECI in Tenino, Washington.  TIER combines utility scale grid modernization, behind-the-meter technology field demonstration, and vocational training projects into a community laboratory for utility innovation located in Tenino, Washington. The comprehensive project is worth more than $10MM in capital assets and programs. Tanya leveraged the expereince and support of more than 70 regional stakeholders in advancing the project to funding.

Tanya created a technology that combines GIS with real-time meter-level data analysis, energy management APIs to map, and community wide building portfolios to help communities rapidly develop a portfolio of distributed energy resources (DERs) and energy projects that can participate in local capacity requests and wholesale demand response markets.

She led product design for the Local Energy Exchange Platform (LEEP), an early US field trial and commercialization project in partnership with TIER, Washington State University and the Pacific Northwest National Lab. LEEP is a demand side management (DSM) technology that aggregates, at utility scale, controllable energy assets within homes and businesses. LEEP is intended to integrate with: utility distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS), advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) and bulk power market aggregators (Open ADR); however, it is designed to balance the utility need for firm committments with sensitivity to user input and comfort.