Tanya Barham

Scale. Focus. Flexibility.

AirCare Plus®

Commercial HVAC Retrofit Aggregation Platform

AirCare Plus®

Tanya has extensive experience managing complex energy technology projects and programs, including the oversight and management of multidisciplinary project teams, subcontracting and drafting of partnership agreements, procurement, and reporting for government, utilities, and private entities on multi-million dollar technology contracts.

When Tanya took over as the Technical & Program Manager for AirCare Plus®, PECI had just sold the concept to Southern California Edison. Previously the program had performed fewer than 60 actual retrofits during a research project for Avista. Program assets at the time of Tanya’s hire were: one part-time mechanical engineer, a set of 11 x 17 engineering flowcharts, and a successful $7MM contract award from SCE.

AirCare Plus® required coordination between multiple technical and non-technical teams as well as end users spread over a large geographic area (commercial HVAC owners over a 50,000 square mile utility territory in Southern California).

Under Tanya’s leadership, she assembled and scaled field teams, administrative and professional staff, contractor networks, software and database development and communication infrastructure. She led a team that took a concept and built a profitable product and program that worked at utility scale in under a year.

The technical aspects of the successful proposal promised the successful launch of a core diagnostic and aggregation handheld technology and platform for which the only prototype development at time of award was flowcharts and engineering input. In her capacity as Technical Manager, Tanya led a number of teams spread throughout the country, including: PECI engineers tasked with creating data models and database schemas and conducting data collection, validation, and analysis; technical and design teams working to create a functional specification for wireless handhelds (Palm OS at the time!) and HVAC diagnostic tools; a software and database developer located across the country; and a team of contractors, recruiters, and training and field technicians that recruited and trained over 100 HVAC trade allies throughout California.

At the core of Tanya’s approach is building skilled teams and using clear direction, transparency, metrics, agile methodology and joint prioritization to foster a psychologically safe work culture where loyalty, trust, and dedication move smart people to achieve great things. That teams happily performed a Herculean amount of technical and organizational work in a very short timeframe under her direction is a testament to how reducing political and interpersonal drag is a key advantage in innovation, product, and organizational team effectiveness and efficiency.

Her effective management and supervision of the SCE contract created the foundation for a program that became one of PECI’s most profitable programs. AirCare Plus® has to date delivered 350 trillion BTU savings to small to medium commercial buildings on behalf of investor owned utilities such as SCE and ComEd.