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Tenino Innovation and Education Through Renewables (TIER)

The rural Washington town of Tenino, like many communities in the Centralia region, has been affected by the decline of the traditional logging and agricultural economy and the impending closure of the Centralia coal plant in 2025. When the state’s last coal plant closes within the next seven years, 200 local jobs will disappear. Already, […]

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Work References

Phil Welker Executive Director, PECI Tanya stands out among the people I have hired over the years as one of the most strategic, innovative and effective. Tanya is very effective in conducting exhaustive market and mission research necessary to set vision and direction; developing strategy and product development; establishing the operational, financial, sales and people […]

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The Local Energy Exchange Platform (LEEP)

Tanya conceived of LEEP on behalf of PECI to bridge the needs of consumers and utilities. More of the grid is powered by intermittent, renewable generating resources. Grid infrastructure is not equipped to accommodate these new technologies – creating challenges for future clean energy affordability and equity. In response to consumer choice, disruptive technologies, and […]

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Home, Appliance, Building, IoT & Market Adoption

HOME ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS :: VOLTTRON BUILDING TO GRID :: GREEN BUTTON :: OPEN ADR :: AMI :: STORAGE :: BLOCKCHAIN Work with PECI provided & provides significant overlap with ASHRAE building standards. PECI’s past & current programs incorporate grid-enabled home energy management devices (thermostats, CT 2045, electric vehicles, batteries, appliances) for building home energy […]

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Generation, Assets & Processes

COAL :: GAS :: HYDRO :: DSM AGGREGATION :: RENEWABLES :: STORAGE :: FORCED & UNFORCED OUTAGE PLANNING :: O&M :: ANALYTICS :: RESOURCE PLANNING In 2000-2002 Tanya worked extensively for large power generators during the Western US Energy Crisis of 2000 and 2001. This was a formative and educational expereince as – at the […]

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Power Transmission & Distribution

RTO/ISO :: CAPACITY & POWER QUALITY REQUIREMENTS :: RESILIENCE :: NON-WIRES ALTERNATIVES :: DISTRIBUTED ENERGY RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS :: AUTOMATION :: BROADBAND :: SCADA Tanya’s management experience spans a wide variety of innovative and traditional energy technologies, business models, markets, and applications. Tanya works collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders in the industry from energy […]

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Regulatory, Policy & Code

FERC :: PUBLIC UTILITY COMMISSIONS :: CPACE/PACE :: FRANCHISE :: NET METERING ::  RPS :: GRID INTERCONNECT :: NET ZERO BUILDING Contracted with CH2MHill (now Jacobs) to create an operating and maintenance system and process in order for frontline maintenance employees to comply with complex federal, state and local regulatory compliance behaviors for the PacifiCorp […]

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Finance, Economic & Market Knowledge

RETAIL :: WHOLESALE :: ELECTRICITY :: GAS :: HYDRO ::  DER :: SMART GRID :: TRANSACTIVE ENERGY SYSTEMS :: DUE DILIGENCE :: M & A 18 years of management consulting, financial forecasting, technology transfer, business start-up, angel investing, and operations experience in electric power (coal & gas central generating stations such as the 2250 MW […]

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Solar 4R Schools

In the early 2000s when Bonneville Environmental Foundation first approached Tanya about designing a solar photovoltaic (PV) program, solar PV generation was considered a largely fringe technology. Net metering laws and practices were still exceedingly rare (national net metering requirements didn’t happen until 2005). The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) was several years away […]

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AirCare Plus®

Tanya has extensive experience managing complex energy technology projects and programs, including the oversight and management of multidisciplinary project teams, subcontracting and drafting of partnership agreements, procurement, and reporting for government, utilities, and private entities on multi-million dollar technology contracts. When Tanya took over as the Technical & Program Manager for AirCare Plus®, PECI had […]

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